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Ford College Student Purchase Program 

Ford, "U Drives," College Student Program

It's a new semester, and for many graduation is just around the corner. As you throw off your cap and look forward to the many roads and paths that you will take in the future you know that there will be good times and bad times. With Ford, you know that you will get there safely and in style.  Make the choice that you can rely on.

Milnes Ford is proud to offer Ford Credit's College Student Purchase Program 

The College Student Purchase Program not only includes ALL Ford vehicles up to the F-550, but it also includes:

  • Special College Student Incentives offered through Ford and Lincoln

  • A Guaranteed Tier 0 loan rate for qualified customers who graduated with a 4 year college degree from an accredited university within the last 24 months

  • A Guaranteed Tier 1 loan rate for customers who meet the College Student Purchase Program qualifications that do not qualify as 4 Year college graduates from an accredited university within the last 24 months

  • Include LEASE contracts in addition to Retail; Personal use, standard or subvened contracts; Tiers 1-4

Think You Qualify?  Contact Us and Find Out Today! 

Start Things Off Right With A New Ford

If you are driving to interviews and just out of college there are a few things that you have to learn:

#1: Appearances Matter
Your car is important as wearing the right clothes to an interview. Showing up in a hot new car really sends the impression that you care about things and how people perceive you. Most companies will be impressed by this.

#2: Reliable
Ford is reliable, you want to know that if you get that big interview whether it is down the street or a few states over, you want to know that you can get there and get there on time. There is nothing worse than missing out on your dream job because your car broke down and you are stuck out in the middle of nowhere.

#3: Fuel Efficiency
One thing runs true with most older cars. They weren't quite as focused on fuel efficiency 10 years ago as they are now.  When you set off into the real world, you'll learn that 30 MPG is pretty amazing when every gallon comes out of your wallet at the pump. Getting a new car now days nearly always entitles you to fuel efficiency that just wasn't available in the 1990's and the 2000's.

#4: Self-Indulgence
No longer is your car a squeaky junker, now you are the guy at the red light with the cool car. You know that old rust patch you had, or that dent that really caught the eye as you drove by. That's no longer you, it's one of the perks of growing up. On the flip side, the bad is now replaced with the good. The 2015 Ford Fusion allows you to talk on the phone. By talk on the phone, we mean your car becomes a giant phone and you press a button to turn it off and on. There are cars with WIFI built into them and you can literally use your play station anywhere and play online. There are cars that allow you to play Spotify or Pandora instead of listening to some generic radio station.

#5: You worked your butt off to get where you are. This is your reward!
With cool features that you'd have killed to have in your junker, and speeds that an old rust bucket would never have reached, these cars will help you miss your alma mater just a little bit less and love your new professional life a lot more!

2015 Ford Fusion Sedan 

2017 Ford Fusion

The Ford Fusion is awesome! With leather seats, hands free blue tooth phone hook ups, and so much more! It comes with a trip computer, audio control on the wheel, destination download, USB connection, Rear view camera, turn by turn navigation, touch entry, push to start button! 

This car was built for two reasons, to be luxurious and to be cool. This is the kind of car that is considered a toy for adults. If you bought this car at the MSRP of $24,035 and took advantage of the student program, it could be yours for less than $398 dollars a month and you will fully own it in 60 months or 5 years!

Don't Just Decide, Take A Test Drive

It's impossible to tell if a car is for you unless you try it. Make an informed decision and test drive the 2015 model of your choice here at Milnes Ford today! 

Put Your Education To Good Use and Save On A New 2015 Ford Model Today