Why You Shouldn't Let Your Ford Fusion's Advanced Driver Assist Features Replace Your Driving Skill

Traffic fatalities have been on the rise in the U.S., despite vehicles being safer than ever. While there are many factors to point fingers at—from marijuana legalization, to the rebounding economy—one key culprit could be the increasing use of cell phones while on the road.

One reason more people are texting while driving could be that they're relying on features like the 2017 Ford Fusion's Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection and lane-keeping system to keep them out of accidents.

A study by the University of Michigan has already discovered that people are less likely to look over their shoulders when changing lanes if their vehicle has a blind-spot information system. "The more they are exposed to these systems, the more they trust the systems," said Shan Bao, a research scientist at UMich.

While Ford's advanced suite of semi-autonomous driving aids can help save you from a nasty accident, it's important to remember that computers can only do so much. The open road is still unpredictable, and nothing comes close to the sensibility and senses of a human driver paying attention.

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