Ford F-150: A Powerful Truck That's Ready to Take You Anywhere

Once you learn more about the Ford F-150, you might start picturing yourself taking one out on the open road. F-150s have remained popular choices for people in the market for full-size pickups. They have comfortable interiors with modern features, high-quality components under the hood, and a ruggedness that any adventurer can appreciate.

The 2018 F-150 has an improved power-to-weight ratio, in comparison with previous model years. This is because its fully-boxed frame and aluminum alloy body are stronger than before yet also lighter. Ford has taken advantage of new advancements in technology to design the F-150 with greater efficiency. If you need to travel off-road, you can switch gears quickly into either 4x4 low or high. The electronic shift-on-the-fly system will ensure a seamless transition.

If you want to take a F-150 for a test drive, swing by our Ford showroom soon.



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