Ford 2020 Lineup

Ford is very focused on taking the vehicle market to the next level by way of smart vehicles. Ford believes that we are living in a smart world. Investing time and money into redesigned and revamping their lineup for the year 2020 has been a main focus of the company for some time now. New engines, safety features and connectivity will help take Ford into the lead when it comes to vehicles like trucks, SUVs and sedans. All of their most popular models are going to see major updates. This includes the Mustang, F-150, Bronco, Escape and more. There are also some new trucks and SUVs that are going to become part of the lineup. A large portion of the Ford inventory is going to be replaced.

Expect to see changes that will make your life easier and safer. Ford Co-Pilot360 will bring standard features to the table that you won't find with other brands. Most vehicles are going to get blind spot warning, driver assist features and emergency braking. Come on down to Milnes Ford Inc. to find out more.



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