The Versatile Ford Transit Passenger Wagon

If you're on the hunt for a vehicle that meets your entire family's needs, take a look at the new Ford Transit Passenger Wagon. This popular full-sized passenger wagon is available in a number of configurations. It also has features that can keep you comfortable no matter where you go. We here at Milnes Ford Inc. are eager to show you what this wagon has to offer.

The Transit is known for its spacious interior. You can configure the seating arrangement to fit your entire family. You can get up to 15 seats in five rows. The rear seats feature a designated aisle for easy access. The Transit can also be configured with different roof heights. The high-roof model has 77 inches of vertical space inside.

Ford didn't forget about the driver and front passenger seat. They can be adjusted a number of ways to get a perfect position. They also have large bolsters and an inboard armrest.



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