Blind Spot Coverage in the Ford Super Duty

Whether you're heading out to an off-road vacation spot or cruising through Lapeer during a busy day of work, the Ford Super Duty is designed to keep you safe and alert along the way. The admired heavy-duty pickup truck is available to Milnes Ford Inc. customers with a convenient Blind Spot Information System.

This feature uses various sensors that are capable of detecting other vehicles on the road. When you're driving forward, the sensors continuously monitor the rear sides. If there's a car in your blind spot, a light will flash on the exterior mirrors. This system doesn't just cover the length of the truck, but also the trailer you're towing.

The same sensors also power the Cross-Traffic Alert feature. It turns on when you're driving in reverse. The sensors look out for oncoming traffic on both sides, which can help you as you're backing out of drive way. It only covers the truck.



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