Technology Hiding In Plain Sight On The Ford EcoSport

You won't have to look far to find some of the most helpful vehicle technologies to hit the market in a long time on the Ford EcoSport. The engineers who designed it clearly thought of just about everything when it comes to making the experience of driving this vehicle something special.

Satellite Radio- Satellite radio is a standard feature on the Ford EcoSport. That means that you can start listening to the stations that you want to right away when you purchase this vehicle.

Cross Traffic Monitoring- Why take the risk of getting into an accident with a driver who was in your blind spot? You can virtually eliminate this risk by utilizing the cross traffic monitoring technology on the Ford EcoSport.

Waze- Your GPS can be powered by Waze on the Ford EcoSport. That will allow you to know when traffic patterns change and how that impacts you. This makes for a quicker and safer transportation experience.



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