Power and Design Combine in the Ford Mustang

When you slide behind the shell of a Ford Mustang you are joining the rich heritage of the Ford brand that makes this iconic vehicle something special to drive. Here at Milnes Ford Inc., we understand the Mustang means different things to different drivers and the many different design features make it a splendid choice for all drivers. Whether it is the power of the V8 engine offering 480-horsepower or the class-leading technology, there are numerous reasons to enjoy the thrills and safety of a Ford Mustang.

Every aspect of the Ford Mustang has been designed to make sure driving in Lapeer is as safe and enjoyable as possible. Even the LED headlamps have been created to improve safety but also to make sure the car looks its best at all times. Once you push the start button in the Ford Mustang, the fun and excitement of driving will never be the same again.


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