Ford Flex: Designing a More Enjoyable Ride

Among midsize SUV options, Ford Flex is an attention-getter. Its distinctive looks, smooth ride and third-row seat add to its popularity. Plus, it has interior design features that give it something extra.

Ford Flex designed its seating so passengers won't feel cramped. Up to seven people get to enjoy the ride, during which the adult-sized spacing means everyone has plenty of legroom for comfort. There's also plenty of headroom, which comes in handy when you look up at an amazing view through the multipanel Vista Roof. No matter where you're sitting, you get a sky view because the rooftop window includes a moonroof over the front row and skylights over the second and third rows. Power sunshades are included if you decide to ride without a view.

See the view for yourself when you visit Milnes Ford Inc. to test drive Ford Flex.


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