With the holiday season comes trips to see family. Is your Ford ready to handle the rigors of the road before you leave Burton, MI, to see your loved ones? Your Ford may need some attention from our Ford Service Center experts, so it is prepared for any weather you may encounter on the way from Burton, MI, to Oxford, MI. Milnes Ford wants to get you off on the right foot, so you stay safe this holiday season.

Holiday Car Maintenance in Lapeer, MI

The change in seasons is a great time to schedule your regular seasonal maintenance for your Ford. If you have a road trip approaching, it is even more vital to come see our team. They are familiar with the winters in Imlay City, MI, and what awaits you on your drive to Davison, MI. There is a series of things that should be addressed before heading out of Flint, MI, to see the family. Here is a quick list of what should be given your attention prior to your travels.

  • Battery Inspection: Nothing could be worse than having a dead battery on a road trip. Let our team inspect your battery. We'll charge it or replace it, if necessary, so you have nothing to worry about on your drive. Cold weather can help drain your battery. So, you want to make sure it is at its best before you leave.
  • Winter Tires: This is a great way to ensure you get the best traction possible on snow-packed or icy roads. These aren't altogether necessary but useful. Your tires may be suitable if the tread is sufficient. You may only need a tire rotation to get the best results from your tires. Regardless, letting our team inspect your tire situation is a lot cheaper than a visit to our body shop when you return from your trip.
  • Oil and Fluid Change: The oil you use in the summer won't work for you in the winter. The cold weather means you need a cold-weather oil to keep your engine running smoothly. The same can be said for the other fluids that keep your car moving. With a simple service, we'll make sure all of your fluids are suitable for the weather conditions.
  • Windshield Wipers: When was the last time you had your wipers replaced? Are they streaking across your windshield, leaving messy lines on the glass? This can seriously impede your visibility. Our parts department know which wipers fit your Ford model best and will install them for you, so you can see clearly, no matter the conditions.

Like with anything in life, it is best to be prepared. The best way to have a safe and happy holiday is to know you have done everything you could to get your car prepared for the winter weather conditions. Visit the team at Milnes Ford and get the travel season started safely.

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