Vehicle Production Update

Don't Let Microchip Shortages Prevent You from Getting Your New Ford

The interest in new vehicles has lessened - new Ford vehicles seem to be more popular than ever. With the global shortage of microchips, you might have trouble finding a new Ford model that's just right for you. Thankfully, you won't have a problem working with the Milnes Ford team! We'll help you navigate the chip shortage and get behind the perfect Ford model!

Why Are Microchips Important?

New models are built with dozens of microchips, ranging from your infotainment system to fuel management and EV functionality. Numerous vehicle systems require microchips to operate correctly, making them one of the most important parts of a vehicle.

Most microchip manufacturing takes place outside of the U.S. With factors like the pandemic and geopolitical issues, production has slowed down. This issue has affected many different technologies, with automotive manufacturers unable to produce new vehicles to meet high demand.

When Will Chip Production Resume?

Microchip manufacturing should increase soon. However, chip shortages may last throughout the year. Thankfully, consistency in semiconductor chip supply expects to increase, resulting in vehicle production improvement soon.

So, how can you work around the chip shortage? Milnes Ford has solutions we think will work well for you! We want to help you enjoy a new Ford without waiting for inventory to show up. Consider one of the following options!

Custom Order Your New Ford: 
While Ford is building fewer vehicles right now, that doesn't mean you can't order a custom-designed model. The Ford manufacturer can custom-build new Ford vehicles with your preferred features! The custom order process skips the need to wait for inventory to show up!
Lease a New Ford:
You can wait out the chip shortage by leasing a model currently on our showroom floor! Leasing doesn't require a long-term commitment, allowing you to return it when inventory increases.
Consider New and Used Vehicles:
We encourage drivers to keep options open when searching for their next set of wheels. If you can't find a new option that suits you, consider our pre-owned inventory! You'll find numerous options available at affordable prices!

Are you looking to learn more about your options during the chip shortage? Reach out to Milnes Ford today to see how we can help!

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